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Love & Hip Hop: ATL

Soo I know this shit is scripted as fuck but who the HELL does stevie j think he is talking to that Jocelyn chick the way he does?? Disgusting. And also embarrassing- as if he has any clout whatsoever with his cool guy act..

And initially I wrote Jocelyn off as a whore but the lil feminist voice in my head said “thou shall not slut-shame” and now I’m seeing some strength in her that’s pretty admirable.

This filth is so fucking entertaining! I should prolly go read a book. Hehe

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  1. i-t-t said: I can’t believe he put on a front when she said she was pregnant and I can’t understand why she stayed after he threw like 2 drinks on her. Career or not I would’ve left. The way he treats her makes me feel bad even though she’s a sideline girl :(
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